My Christmas Wish List

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great?
So it appears to be that special time of the year again.
I thought I would share my wish list, of course I am not expecting all the items shown. 
I personally enjoy looking at what people would like for christmas, as it gives me ideas for myself and my loved ones.

1: At the TOP of my list is the Michael Kors jet set tote *Dribbles on keyboard*.
I was comparing this bag to another MK bag and I decided this one would be more suited for my needs, plus the other bag I was looking at had a similar shape to the Selma, which I already own. 
2: I always ask for Yankee candles as they are one of my favourite candle brands. I LOVE the festive smells that they bring out this time of year with christmas cookie being a personal favourite.
3: I have heard loads about Magnitone and I want to put it to the test.
 I would really like the green one as its one of my favourite colours.
 4: Snow fairy had to be on my list! I purchase this shower gel from Lush every year.
5: I REALLY need a laptop case! Hopefully santa will bring me one?
6: If I had to wear one perfume for the rest of my life it would be Alien by Thierry Mugler. 
I truly adore this perfume ♡ 
7: Its about time I got a new tripod as sadly my one has seen better days.
8: Christmas would not be complete without a pair of fluffy socks, I mean come on its kinda like the law ;)

What is on your wish list this year?

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My Holiday Pictures

Hi all,
Before I share with you my pictures from our holiday to Egypt I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my lovely boyfriend for treating me to this well needed holiday!
For all those wondering we stayed at a hotel called Fort Arabesque and we loved every minute at this hotel. 

We made some lovely friends during this time, Medhat and Mahmuod just to name a few.
One of my favourite things was being able to go snorkelling with all the beautiful tropical fish I felt honoured to swim near them and see them in there natural habitat. 

I thought I would share some holiday snaps with you as well as a vlog.

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Getting ready for work

Product List

  1. Mac studio fix fluid NC30
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in ebony
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow set
  4. MAC prep and prime
  5. MAC paint pot in soft ochre
  6. Naked 1 palette
  7. NYX black eyeliner pencil
  8. Naked basics palette
  9. Primark mascara
  10. Zoeva graphic eyes eyeliner in desert traveler
  11. MAC select cover up concealer
  12. Ben Nye banana powder
  13. Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
  14. Zoeva blush in he loves me, maybe..
  15. MAC soft and gentle highlight
  16. MAC lipstick in yash
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Mini Mac Haul

I recently took a trip to Lakeside shopping centre in Essex, where they now have a new MAC store!!! Here is a list of the items I picked up.
  1. Studio fix fluid NC30 
  2. Select cover up concealer NC30
  3. Pander me lipstick (YOU NEED THIS LIPSTICK)
  4. Yash lipstick
If you would like to see what these lipsticks look like on I can feature them in a FOTD post.
Have you picked up anything new from MAC recently, anything in particular you think I would like?
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OOTD -The Witch


Hey hey hey!

I recently went to the Motel Rocks vintage event and thought I would share with you what I wore.
You shall see a vlog of the day very soon over on my vlog channel  LoveLaughAndVlog. I always feel like a witch whenever I wear my Dr martens with a maxi skirt but I love it!

Crop Top - Topshop
Skirt - Primark (I tied a knot in it)
Shoes - Dr Martens 
Choker - Claires Accessories
Wishbone necklace - Astrid & Miyu
Pendulum necklace - I cannot remember right now but I will add the information if I do.
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The Dream Tag With Marc Jacobs

Have you guys seen my new video featuring the  Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume?
If not click on the video below and see what it is all about.
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Summer Outfit Inspiration ☀

Hey Guys!
I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a few things I will be wearing this summer and hopefully give you some inspiration as well. For all of you that may be curious I made this picture on my brothers Polyvore. As you can see I am loving bold prints - paisley prints, tribal prints and aztec prints etc. You name it, I am liking it! I don't want to over-do it with the prints so I always pair it with a plain coloured top or trousers depending on what item has the print. Of course I have added a choker - it would be rude of me not to as I AM LOVING them! Accessorise how you wish. Go all out! I am loving cute head pieces, silver rings and trendy sunglasses. A light perfume is always essential for the summer! That is all for now. I hope you have enjoyed this post on summer inspiration.
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Picture Diary July 2014

HEY HEY HEY!! How are you all?
I thought I would give you a quick run down on my week through pictures.
 I don't know about you but I personally enjoy looking at blog pictures more than reading the posts ;)
Recently I have been super addicted to Toffee Crisp chocolate bars, I am not kidding I eat about two a day **Covers face! So of course they had to be apart of my picture diary.

I have been drinking a lot of herbal tea this month and honestly I can feel the good changes within my body. The herbal tea's I have been drinking are by Dr Stuart and you can purchase them from
 Holland and Barrat
I have been having problems sleeping so I got the Valerian plus tea from Dr Stuart's range, so far it has not helped me with falling asleep but I am going to carry on drinking it (fingers crossed)

The picture in the bottom right is me before I went to work and the one next to it is me after haha, as you can see my cat is going crazy just like me.
I also put up a new summer look on my channel LoveLaughAndMakeup have you guys seen it?
Apart from working I have been having loads of cuddles with my doggy, making youtube videos and trying to watch DVDs.

This is my first ever dairy type blog post let me know how I done and if you want to see more?
P.S Apologies for any spelling mistakes or punctuation I am writing this at 1.55am (Sleeping Problems)
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Bright With A Glow

Skin - Urban Decay Naked foundation
Eyes - Benefit Their real mascara
Lips - MAC Cherry lipliner
Cheeks - Benefit Hoola with MAC Soft and gentle

Here is a quick FOTD for you all, this is a look I wore to work.
It was a super hot day so of course I did not want a lot on my face, but I still wanted to wear something bright while also having a little glow. Personally I am all about glowing cheeks anytime of the year!! 

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OOTD - White Grunge

Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans - Ragged Priest 
Shirt -Vintage
Clutch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Dr Martens

Hey everyone! I thought it was about time I started sharing my daily outfits with you all just so you guys would kind of get an idea of what I wear on a normal day. This is a casual everyday outfit which I decided to work around the colour of my new mermaid hair. I wear this sort of thing a lot as I find crop tops with high waisted jeans to be super flattering and effortless. As we all know, all white outfits are SO in right now so I thought I would wear my new white Ragged Priest high waisted jeans  and tie in a green/white vintage checkered shirt wrapped around my waist to add a pop of colour. To finish off the look, I wore my beloved black Dr Martens and went with my new Michael Kors clutch because I didn't want to carry a big bag with me and added a sense of sophistication to a quite grungy outfit.

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Getting Blue/Green Hair

Hey guys! Hope you are all okay.

As you may have seen in my latest video I have changed my hair. I have had dark 
hair for nearly 6 years now, I have been thinking about getting this sort of colour for 
AGES and I could not fight the urge any more. I had to see what it would look like on 
myself. Please see below for the short summary on the app BeautySpotter which is the 
app I used to find 'Bleach', the hairdressers that did my amazing mermaid coloured hair!

Looking for the best nail artists in your area?  Or need some hairspiration from a stylist 
who can really do the job?  Look no further - BeautySpotter has arrived!
BeautySpotter is a mobile app (and website) for hair and beauty salon discovery - a 
kind of Instagram-meets-Trip Advisor but just for beauty!  
As a user you can browse through the gallery of "selfies" - taken post-blow dry, 
makeover or mani - window-shopping for your favourite look before you book with 
the salon and stylist who created it! 

As well as having a lot of fun browsing for inspiration, you can also search for exactly what you want (if you know what that is)!  Type in any keyword from occasion, colour and style to area and salon brand! Book the look right away or "Like" the pic to save it to your profile page for later. "Follow" other BeautySpotters, stylists and salons to see more of what you love and put your questions direct to the stylists.

Don't forget to upload your own "looks" direct from the salon chair... Hashtag the keywords that best 
describe it to allow your fellow BeautySpotters to find and book your look next!

Not on iPhone?  No worries - you can sign up and use BeautySpotter direct from the website www.beautyspotter.com (Android app coming soon!)

How amazing does that sound?! Gemma was an absolute BABE! Spending the day with her, Lorna and Ruth was great! 'Bleach' was definitely the place for me to go no doubt about it. I also got some goodies as you may have also seen from the video and I cannot wait to put them to the test. If you would like to see a review on any of them please do let me know. I am extremely happy with my hair and I should have gone this colour months back when I first thought of it. I had had some strange looks from the public and when I was waiting for my bus home after getting my hair done, some guys in a car shouted "OI OI GREEN HAIR" (not quite sure if that's good or bad) but it doesn't bother me what other people think. It's my hair and I will do what I want. It's nice to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and I know I am definitely not a risk taker sort of person, so it's nice to sometimes try different things.

Thanks for reading guys!

Here is the link to my new YouTube video of me getting my blue/green hair did:

YouTube Channel: LoveLaughAndMakeup

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My Top 3 Looks From Coachella 2014

I don't know about you but I am super jealous of the people that got to attend Coachella 2014 in California.
The yearly valley music and arts festival has blown up all over Tumblr lately because that time of the year arrived again. The festival is becoming more and more known for it's fashionable attendees and I am totally obsessed with what the celebs were rocking this year. Below, I picked out my top 3 looks from Coachella 2014 who I think just absolutely killed it!

Kylie Jenner      Vanessa Hudgens     Selena Gomez

Kylie ~ If it's one thing Kylie knows, it's how to accessorize. She got the layered necklace look perfect! The choker adds a real sense of 90's grunge to her outfit, which ties in with her baggy vest and black ripped denim shorts.

Vanessa ~ Vanessa's use of colour and print in this outfit really makes her stand out from the crowd and looks stunning with her neutral camel coloured fedora - which appears to be a must have this year! The cute tassel detail on her shoes completes the whole look.

Selena ~ I am loving the whole bohemian vibe with Selena's outfit. As you may know, crochet is set to be HUGE this year and I am not complaining as it is one style I adore and will most definitely be rocking. I feel that the military boots add a touch of masculinity to her outfit and contrasts beautifully with her stylish dress.

I put together this Coachella inspired look below that I would wear if I ever got to attend:

Those were my TOP 3 favourite looks from Coachella 2014!
 Did anyone stand out to you in particular? Let me know your thoughts below.
I hope you enjoyed this post.

YouTube Channel: LoveLaughAndMakeup
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NEW! Urban Decay ELECTRIC Palette

Hey girls! So this week I received the Urban Decay Electric palette and to be honest I just HAD to share this with you!! GAHHHH its a beauty! Soon as I saw this palette I instantly thought of summer.

I just wanted to give you Urban Decay fans out there a heads up about this little beauty! The palette will be available from the 1st of April I do believe and shall be available at House of Fraser and selected Debenham stores for £38. 

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Hello Ladies

Hello ladies....Major apologies as I have been a bit MIA in the blogging world, however I have been uploading videos over on my main beauty channel and vlog channel.
Are you up to date with my videos?  What has been your favourite?

New posts coming soon!! Love you all!!  

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New Year, New Channel - LoveLaughAndVlog

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a great start to 2014!
So I was thinking, since it is the start of a new year, I think it's time to set up
a vlog channel - and that's exactly what I did. This channel is going to mainly consist
of vlogging everyday events, tags, random chit-chat videos and whatever else that
is going on at the time that I wanna make a video about! It's going to be much more
relaxed and fun, and hopefully you will all get to know me abit better.

*NEW* Vlog Channel - LoveLaughAndVlog

Main Channel - LoveLaughAndMakeup

I hope you all have a fabulous 2014 and really enjoy my new channel!

Sabrina x
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