My Top 3 Looks From Coachella 2014

I don't know about you but I am super jealous of the people that got to attend Coachella 2014 in California.
The yearly valley music and arts festival has blown up all over Tumblr lately because that time of the year arrived again. The festival is becoming more and more known for it's fashionable attendees and I am totally obsessed with what the celebs were rocking this year. Below, I picked out my top 3 looks from Coachella 2014 who I think just absolutely killed it!

Kylie Jenner      Vanessa Hudgens     Selena Gomez

Kylie ~ If it's one thing Kylie knows, it's how to accessorize. She got the layered necklace look perfect! The choker adds a real sense of 90's grunge to her outfit, which ties in with her baggy vest and black ripped denim shorts.

Vanessa ~ Vanessa's use of colour and print in this outfit really makes her stand out from the crowd and looks stunning with her neutral camel coloured fedora - which appears to be a must have this year! The cute tassel detail on her shoes completes the whole look.

Selena ~ I am loving the whole bohemian vibe with Selena's outfit. As you may know, crochet is set to be HUGE this year and I am not complaining as it is one style I adore and will most definitely be rocking. I feel that the military boots add a touch of masculinity to her outfit and contrasts beautifully with her stylish dress.

I put together this Coachella inspired look below that I would wear if I ever got to attend:

Those were my TOP 3 favourite looks from Coachella 2014!
 Did anyone stand out to you in particular? Let me know your thoughts below.
I hope you enjoyed this post.

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  1. The dress is amazing and really beautiful with and without the straps. I am so excited to wear it and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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  2. I feel your pain girl! I would love to attend coachella!!Kendal and selena too much love for those chics!!

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