My Christmas Wish List

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great?
So it appears to be that special time of the year again.
I thought I would share my wish list, of course I am not expecting all the items shown. 
I personally enjoy looking at what people would like for christmas, as it gives me ideas for myself and my loved ones.

1: At the TOP of my list is the Michael Kors jet set tote *Dribbles on keyboard*.
I was comparing this bag to another MK bag and I decided this one would be more suited for my needs, plus the other bag I was looking at had a similar shape to the Selma, which I already own. 
2: I always ask for Yankee candles as they are one of my favourite candle brands. I LOVE the festive smells that they bring out this time of year with christmas cookie being a personal favourite.
3: I have heard loads about Magnitone and I want to put it to the test.
 I would really like the green one as its one of my favourite colours.
 4: Snow fairy had to be on my list! I purchase this shower gel from Lush every year.
5: I REALLY need a laptop case! Hopefully santa will bring me one?
6: If I had to wear one perfume for the rest of my life it would be Alien by Thierry Mugler. 
I truly adore this perfume ♡ 
7: Its about time I got a new tripod as sadly my one has seen better days.
8: Christmas would not be complete without a pair of fluffy socks, I mean come on its kinda like the law ;)

What is on your wish list this year?



  1. I really want to try the magnitone too looks amazing :)
    Lucy x


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