I had to share this little beauty with you all. 
The Urban Decay Vice 4 has a mixture of textures, along with cool and warmed toned colours.
I already fallen in love with a few colours, and cannot wait to start using this palette in future tutorials.
I have a feeling this is going to be my "go to" palette for a while.
All swatches shown on each arm consist of two rows of eyeshadow.
Let me know your thoughts on this palette?
Sabrina x
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Two Blending Brushes YOU NEED

Hi everyone,

The other day I was sitting down thinking about future blog post ideas, and topics that I wanted to share with you all. Long story short, I wrote down a whole bunch of ideas.

The first thing I wanted to share was two makeup blending brushes you NEED in your life.
Mac 224 brush is a tapered blending brush, although its classed as tapered I find this on the more fluffy side compared to my other brushes. Some people might think £23 on one brush is pricey and I have to agree, however I know how lovely this brush is and how well it blends out harsh eyeshadow lines. My second brush is the Zoeva 228 luxe crease, this one is a lot more tapered compared to the MAC brush. It allows you blend colour in the crease like a dream and is a steal at around £6, the brush is available with white bristles and brown. I personally own a few of these 228 brushes.

You can see from the image that the MAC one does appear more round and fluffy as mentioned above.
I thought this post might help those of you on  the hunt for amazing blending brushes.

Speak soon.
Sabrina x

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