Father’s Day At Feelunique

Hi guys,

It's time for all those dads out there to put down the tools and get ready for some serious grooming!
I don't know about you but I personally always struggle with gift ideas for my dad, with my mum its super easy but I find guys in general are hard to buy for.
My dad is not the type to spend ages doing his hair or skincare in the morning, he would much rather spend his valuable time in the morning making coffee.

Thats why its important that I get him these type of gifts because it forces him to use them haha!
Whenever my sister or myself visit we will ask him "dad did you use that hair product we got you" which will then encourage him to use it.
Lets be honest, in the long run he will be thankful as he will have beautiful hair and soft skin...right?!

All of these items are from feelunique.com which makes it easier for you guys as you only need to go to one website instead of searching that wonderful thing we call the world wide web.

This WAHL set has everything a dad/grandad would need.
They can shave, trim and add detail with this little beauty. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of this present.
It basically has a little bit of everything in there,
you have hair care sorted and a little bit of skincare as well.
Perfect little gift!

This set is right up my dads street! He loves those real authentic scents so I know he is definitely going to be happy with this gift.
What scents does your dad or grandad like?

This little gift is perfect for encouraging my dad to look after his skin. This gift has a mask, two different moisturisers and one large shower gel, along with more skincare products.

My dad uses these brushes for shaving so I know he will appreciate this.
This item won FHM grooming awards, so I am guessing it is popular with men.

This is a brand I have been wanting to introduce my dad to for a while now and with it being Fathers Day, what great timing!
It has energising citrus oils which will help wake him up in the mornings before work. 
I personally want to try more products from Burt Bees, anything you guys would recommend?

I am a huge fan of Tangle Teezer and I am constantly talking about how great they are. I actually got both my mum and sister one for christmas and they love theirs! 
Lets be honest, who doesn't love a Tangle Teezer?

This stuff is AMAZING for the hair, so for all those dads which have locks this will be PERFECT! 
I love that the hair gel is the main product in this gift set, as most dads will use that more in general speaking.

That brings this post to an end.
 Please let me know what you are getting your dad this year as I am ALWAYS looking for ideas.

Sabrina xx

p.s Did you like the fathers day vibe of the pictures hehe ;)



  1. Wowww!! I remember, last year I also bought a skin care kit for my father. That skin care kit was especially designed for the better beard care. The kit was involved many things like beard oil dry skin and many other products.

  2. What's the difference between Tangle Teezer for Men and Tangle Teezer for woman? Can the one for men be used for woman as well? Thanks :)


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