Scentsy Review

As you can tell from my video I love my Scentsy!  I personally love walking into my room and being greeted with a sweet fragrance and my amazing bed, nothing better after a stressful day. Plus this Scentsy suits perfectly with the decor of my room, I love how you can pick a Scentsy which suits your style.
As I mentioned in the video you can contact Alexandra for a discount on shipping by emailing wickfreecandles1@gmail.com 

ONE important thing I have to say, if you are planning on purchasing from the website make sure in the corner you click the correct FLAG for your country! If this is not done it could cause unwanted hassle with getting your Scentsy delivered!

Shop for Scentsy: www.wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie
Please subscribe to their You Tube Channel: www.youtube.com/wickfreecandles1
For their FREE info pack on becoming a Scentsy consultant: http://wickfreecandles.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=34ceee42727796938a7477dad&id=e5c881245a



  1. It sounds fab, I love fresh, breezy scents and will check it out :D. Decided to follow your blog on GFC and bloglovin, xoxo.

    1. Hey, thank you!! Whats GFC (hope thats not a silly question haha) ?? xx


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