My Holiday Pictures

Hi all,
Before I share with you my pictures from our holiday to Egypt I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my lovely boyfriend for treating me to this well needed holiday!
For all those wondering we stayed at a hotel called Fort Arabesque and we loved every minute at this hotel. 

We made some lovely friends during this time, Medhat and Mahmuod just to name a few.
One of my favourite things was being able to go snorkelling with all the beautiful tropical fish I felt honoured to swim near them and see them in there natural habitat. 

I thought I would share some holiday snaps with you as well as a vlog.



  1. hope you are feelling better sabrina! love to see you on youtube!
    kisses from portugal

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  3. Egypt looks amazing some where I've always wanted to go! Sounds like you had a fab time makes me want a holiday I need some sun :)


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