Tresor Paris Winter Collection Event

On the 29th of August, Tresor Paris held an amazing event at the Westbury Hotel in the beautiful gallery room, the event was wonderful and I am very thankful to have been invited. Tresor Paris DEFINITELY  know how to create a fabulous event with yummy treats, beautiful surroundings and a great atmosphere which is important at any event. Everyone looked amazing and it was lovely to see some people who I had previously met at a Tresor Paris event in June.

Tresor Paris have teamed up with three different charities to create a collection for each charity. These charities are Rugby for Heroes, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Care. 

The Rugby For Heroes is suited for both men and women with the iconic rugby ball, this collection offers delicate necklaces for the ladies or dark coloured bracelets for the gentlemen. Whenever you purchase an item from this collection 25% of the proceeds will go towards the Rugby for Heroes charity.

Tresor Paris have continued their partnership with Breast Cancer Care with adding two necklaces, earrings and a charm to the collection, they had previously launched back in 2011! This to me shows how loving and kind the company is as they wish to continue and support  the charity.
Tresor Paris teamed up with Marie Curie Cancer Care who provide nursing care, without charge, to terminally ill people at home. This collection has  beautiful yellow heart shaped earrings and a bracelet which would be the perfect gift set for any young girl and with 25% of the earnings going to the charity it makes that purchase that extra special don't you think?

Along with their new charity collections Tresor Paris have some beautiful items coming your way this winter! With their ‘Bellatrix’ Collection and Cygnus Collection. The Bellatrix is my personal favourite the rings and bracelets are TO DIE FOR! I am not kidding go on to the Tresor Paris website to have a dribble over these beautiful items.

Keep your eyes peeled this September to see all the new exciting things Tresor Paris has coming your way. Once again I want to thank Tresor Paris for inviting me to this amazing event and for the wonderful goodie bag, I was having a little dance once I spotted the beautiful bracelet in my bag! 
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  1. Ah this looks amazing, I love Tresor Paris!!!


    1. The event was so beautiful!!! Same :D


  2. This was such a nice event to go to! Loved seeing the new collections, it was so much fun :D I'm in live with our bracelets. Can't wait for your next post :D

    Love Holly xXx


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