My Night Time Routine

Products used in my video

Bioderma feels amazingly gentle on your skin, It's a product I always find myself going back to! What's your favorite makeup remover?

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash leaves my skin feeling super clean! I don't know about you but one thing I have struggled with is a good face wash. I don't want a face wash to do all the hard work that's what my other lotions and potions are for, I just want it to clean my skin without any irritation and that's what this one does!
I am a HUGE fan of Origins moisturisers as they are super light and luxurious on the skin, plus Origins Ginzing  is on the cheaper end of scale opposed to their other moisturisers.
 Filorga Optim Eyes Contour  was given to me in a goodies bag at an event and I haven't stopped using it since. It's a little bit pricey for 15ml although you only use a pea size each night so it lasts. 

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Comment below your favorite skin care products.

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Girls Let's Talk Body Confidence

We all have those days where we feel bad about our bodies, and that's totally normal! I felt like I needed to make this video to share with everyone that you are not alone and there are people which feel the same as you. It's important we learn to accept ourselves the way we are. Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below.

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My Eyebrow Story And Shape

Many years ago I used to rock the thin eyebrow look (come on I am sure you have at some point).  
I would get my eyebrows waxed roughly about once a month and one day it hit me, I  looked  in the mirror and thought "I really do not like the shape". So the only way I could solve this issue would be to grow them out of course! Growing them out was such a pain, they went extremely bushy and to be totally honest I was looking pretty much like a cave woman.

I got some images of the internet of what I wanted my eyebrows to look like so I could show my eyebrow lady. When I arrived at the shop I showed the lady the pictures and said how I would love my eyebrows to look like this, and she basically told me this was never going to happen because that was not my natural eyebrows shape. She then told me she would thread my eyebrows in to my natural shape, feeling hesitant about it I went ahead and let her work some magic. Boy was I surprised she was right!! My natural eyebrow shape complimented my face shape a lot more!

Now I know It's always best to work with your natural eyebrow shape, don't try to create a brow which doesn't look right on your face. When I get nasty comments on videos saying your eyebrows are to angled blah blah blah *rolls eyes, I really do not care as that's how high my eyebrow hairs grow. Some people naturally have straight eyebrows and it's all about embracing your eyebrow shape and making it work for you!

To maintain the shape I pluck any odd hairs to keep my eyebrows looking fresh and when they become too much to handle I go to my eyebrow lady who I have been seeing for over 3 years now. I can't say where I go for personal reasons which I am sure you understand as its way to close to my home. I hope that this post has given you a little insight as to what I do and if you haven't already make sure you watch my video on how I fill in my eyebrows 
Let me know what you think of my FIRST blog post and what you would like to in the future on my blog.

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